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Does everything need a name?

Published October 30, 2013 by Virgo293


A glance was what took my heart,

Left me anticipating a smile;

When that look filled your face,

I knew the wait was worthwhile.


 I wonder how long will this go on,

The silly season of gifts and cards;

After so much of heat going around,

I wonder if the metal will ever become hard.


Lingering daze was not what I chose,

Something your perfume did to me;

I wonder how much this smell,

Will take up from my memory!


What is it possibly supposed to mean,

When a few words start costing you sleep;

Had I known what’s on the trade,

I would have never followed your lead.


Seeing you around and seeing you about,

It is crazy to still feel the sight;

How long will this go on, is what I wonder,

And if it does forever, should it be a fright?



Published July 10, 2012 by Virgo293

This is a story about a girl who proves to herself and her husband; if not to the world ; that love continues to beautify lives even when a loved one is no longer around to express it. Though it is true that such secrets take their own sweet time to be discovered.


She saw him in college for the first time; that was the purest feeling she ever went through. They were in the same class, were acquaintances, but Aditya was very passive towards her.  As days passed she fell madly in love with him. College ended but her feelings for him were as fresh as ever. It was finally time for her to go back to where she had come from, the states.

It was few days before her departure that Aditya came to know that Maya was from USA. He had applied for an US visa but had been rejected. He wanted to go there to carry forward his family business; and if he didn’t, his father would get another chance to bully him about his incapability. At any cost he couldn’t let his family know that the visa has been rejected. His ‘ego’ wouldn’t allow this.

The only way; he thought of; to get out of this, was marrying Maya and going to US with her. The plan was to get divorced after a year; after which she could be free of the legal formalities. He proposed this idea to Maya with such sheer indifference that at first she couldn’t reply. “It will hardly make a difference to your life”, he had said. He had no clue that he was shattering a person inside out. However, Maya was in love; all that was visible to her was that Aditya needed her and she couldn’t say no. Perhaps the mere thought of being with him, even in a false marriage was far more tempting than she could resist.

They got married and left for Los Angles. A few days went into settling with each other.  His apathy was a little difficult to digest in the beginning, but eventually she got used to it. They both got busy in their lives and things went on.

One Day, Maya’s boss (a guy) came to drop her off at her place. Aditya saw them, exchanging greetings and Maya getting off the car. He quoted about it to Maya in his native sarcasm. Maya ignored it.

Another time a neighbour walked into the door; and wanted to talk to Maya. Aditya was about to tell him to get lost when Maya walked in. Both of them interacted in a friendly way which added to Aditya’s ferocity. However, after the neighbour left Maya noticed a level of discomfort and tried to say something but she was silenced by his ‘not so polite’ expressions. 

Actually this was the case most of the time. Whenever she tried to talk to him about anything concerning his own self; he fled away. Be it about his past; his future or the most important thing in his life, music. Silence was the only answer she ever received. But she had decided, she was going to get past this barrier to help him live his passion. And pretty obviously she didn’t mind any hard work that went into it; as long as it was for his happiness.

She was almost there; she had succeeded in taping him and getting the music directors consent for his audio album. Considering Aditya’s talent and her contacts; it wasn’t a hard thing to do.

T he most difficult part was still left. Convincing Aditya. All the way back from the studio; she kept on rehearsing lines that she would use. She knew he would have his defences on like he had had many times before, but she had made up her mind to try. Try her very best.

However she met with an accident on the way. She was taken to the Hospital immediately and Aditya was called. She was in the ICU when Aditya reached there. He was just handed over with Maya’s belongings and a diary.

He started reading it. It described the extent of her feelings for him. The small light inside him had awakened. The faint sentiments that he had developed for her in the course of time, grew louder and clearer. Finally, he accepted that he loved her.

For the first time in years he prayed. He desperately began praying for her life. Rather; for his Life.

Unfortunately; Maya couldn’t make it.


 Aditya was reborn after this; he understood that life was extremely short for anything to be procrastinated. He started living for his passion. But inside he knew; he had started living for Maya.

He became very successful. His first super hit Album was named ‘Maya.’




The Phone Call

Published June 15, 2012 by Virgo293


With peals of laughter ringing in my ears from last night, and a steaming cup of coffee in my hand, I wonder how time flies. I was preparing for it until a few days back, and suddenly I am here, feeling and analyzing the atmosphere of this so called “city of dreams.” They say, the more you run away from something, the more you have to meet it in the eye. And anyway, I’m not one of those to give up. I never was. I have always given it a try, in fact given my best, and I am not going to let this time be an exception. I have promised myself after all. And more than that, I have promised her.

Isn’t it amazing how a phone call of a few minutes can work wonders? Okay fine! A few hours, but that is quite acceptable, considering the fact that we don’t meet any longer. And I wonder how well she knows me. I mean she forced me to stay back, when I was so adamant on running out of this hell that very minute. Moreover, by the end of the conversation, I was laughing, can you imagine, laughing! Oh my gosh! It’s incredible how she is so annoying but still she can be such a gem at times. The conviction that now has filled me up is definitely hers. I just hope she is always there with me. I can never lose her. Never ever.

Hello world!

Published June 14, 2012 by Virgo293

Hi everyone ! I never thought I could come to terms with blogging. I know this is a very cliché beginning which by far I have often repelled, but then blogging also comes on that list, so never mind. A beginner isn’t supposed to be as obnoxious as me for sure. But it has to be accepted, since honesty is the first principle of blogging, isn’t it?

The point is that this is the first blog I’ve ever had. I have absolutely no clue about what I am going to write about or how I am going to write or anything of that sort. All I know is that there are lot many things in my life, in all our lives which we by pass everyday. Be it a good cup of tea after a tiring day, a good morning greeting from the lift man who doesn’t owe anything to us, or a 3 a.m buddy we take for granted. There have been, there still are, and I am sure that there are always going to be things in our lives that deserve sheer gratitude. Unfortunately, we fail to cherish them. Fortunately, I have found a way to cherish them. Perhaps the only reason to pen down, all that I am going to, is the fact that it deserves to be written. Be it a varied thought of a vague nothing or blissful experience of a significant something, all of it ought to be close to our hearts, since it has made us whatever we are today.  Yeah, thats my drive to start this blog.

I hope what I write, connects with you as well and  you have as much fun while reading it as I have had while writing it.

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