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A Bud of Time

Published January 9, 2017 by Virgo293


A Bud of Time is my tribute to the cinema of 2016.  Apart from being my personal take on what has been up with the movies, it is a congratulatory note to everything that has taken the industry a notch higher. After all, What can be a better way to relish the New Year, than raising a toast to the movies?

Wishing all my readers a happy, prosperous and beautiful year ahead. 🙂

Please find the link to the article here. It was originally published by Pandolin.com, A digital magazine dedicated to the art and craft of film-making.

This is second in the series of Film-related articles, that will celebrate, rejoice and elaborate the beauty that life ‘imprints’ upon me, in the form of movies! You can read the first article here. 🙂




Back Home

Published October 7, 2015 by Virgo293

Some words. A deed. An alien world.
A scary walk. Unlimited smoke. An empty street.
Doors shut. Lines drawn. An almost dark night.

I am looking around for light.
For another soul that’s human.
In all these faces that look like me, I am looking for something that resonates within.

I see something shine far away.
Light that is reflected right onto my face.
I run up the distance, in one single lap, rubbing my eyes to get more clarity.

And the vision, freezes me.
I notice the chill in my own eyes.
In the mirror ahead, I see myself. The self that has become a part of them.

I halt. I cry. Even shiver for a while.
But then I get back to the search.
Of the illusion I had of myself, when I was back home.


To the Untimeliness of Love…

Published October 30, 2014 by Virgo293
Happens when you don’t expect it to,
Ends when that’s the least you want. 
Comes to you when you are amidst a crowd,
Gallops away when you want it around.
It comes with a jolt and goes with a pause,
At times doesn’t go away at all
It doesn’t stay with you either;
Fumbles around, does its rounds.
It’s finicky as a shot and calm as if you’re stoned,untimeliness_by_Fields
It’s rough to your heart, but soothens your soul.
It gives you what you have,
Takes up what you’ve got.
Screams, shouts;
Sorts it out!
It’s out there, in the open
And closest for the close…
 Simple yet complicated,
Complicated yet simple.
Uncooked when you’re hungry,
 Steamy when you are full.
cornelia-parker-and-the-untimeliness-of-waste-1351291016_b Hard to define,
Bizarre to discuss.
Don’t know why I am trying,
When I don’t even know what’s up!
Perhaps to mock the condition
And steal this happy laugh
Never mind the last stanza
Indulgence costs me enough…
From sinner to sin,
I migrate outwards and within.
  Walking it uptil this final applause,
Love, the untimeliest of them all, !
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