Published June 24, 2015 by Virgo293

I haven’t seen anything as fickle as respect. Those little glasses people look at you with, become misty time and again. Their vision, doesn’t last forever. A little pull here, a little push there, and boom… it’s gone.

But it is easy to come too, this thing they call respect. You pick your ego up, snort that nose back a little, squeeze in a bit of attitude, and people look up to you. The best way to have it in fact is a little secrecy. Discretion, like the elite amongst us will call it. I am sure that’s out of knowledge, of the fact that once their truths are known, no one will ever respect them. And hence begins the show. The masquerade of virtue, of kindness, and at times even humility. And it gets you what you want. Pat after pat on your back.

But just when you’re resting, that respect, the one that came in fairly easy, knows better than to stay. It falls like a castle of placards on a windy night. One blow, a single misdeed and its over.

What goes with it, is worse. Years of genuine hard work. The endless smiles you have exchanged. The unassuming comfort people confided in you with. People change, and no matter how hard you try not to, you change with them.

What do you do then?80c462fd144894f4eeba8cf2d22ac75c

You start once again. Building glasses for people. From that sweeper in your lawn to the boss you report to.This edge of a sword that you make out of your life, is of course your choice. You want ‘respect’ after all.

Just that, this time when you distribute those glasses, may be you should work towards creating an actual vision. Perhaps then, this illusion you are trying to create, might actually have a character. And perhaps then, when this castle of respect shatters again, your value will still remain.


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