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If anxiety was a Man!

Published December 7, 2014 by Virgo293

If you were a man, anxiety, I would lock you in the loo,
Not just run away, but never look back too,
So easy it would have been, to render you a creep,
Let you while away in jail, without even feeling cheap.

I thought I hate men most, what a crucial mistake to make,
After your troubles coming to light, men hardly seem a stake.
Cosier, happier, so much more than now, the world would be without you,
I would have all the fun before, and how, of course you have a clue!

Aren’t you a man though, it’s difficult to think otherwise,
After all, with you as well, it’s all about the size!
Correct me if I am wrong folks, when has small given you pleasure ,
Don’t get me wrong, but you get worried, only when anxiety snowballs into a bother.

And it’s the same, believe you me, it’s the same with men,
The farther, the funnier, the minute they come near, nothing good lasts then.
Oh my I din’t mean to start on men, what to do it plays within me in loop,
Anxiety,(of course not associated with men) got me here, and got me into this soup!

It has made me clear though, just giving you a bit of my pen,
No wonder you are so much trouble anxiety, you undoubtedly belong to the clan.


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