26-12- 2013

Published December 26, 2013 by Virgo293

I want to scream this out to the world. I want to whisper this unto you.

I want to run away from everyone. I want to resign to your unspeakable truth.

I want to surrender to your power. I want to rule the innocence in you.

I want to shed the past away. I want to hold onto memories of every hue.

I want myself to belong to just me. I want to have every right on you.

I want to be cool about lies. I want to keep honesty up till my muse.

I want to be put up with. I want to feel held on to.

I want to have days that tire me. I want the nights to be coy, cosy too.

I want pleasures not measured in words. I want bliss that leaves no clue.

I want to plunge away from pain. I want indulgence that leaves me blue.

I want to stay when it’s fine. I want to be there when the going gets tough.

I want love to not rule my life. I want ‘my’ life to be filled with love.


The poem is titled – Dear Ink, I love you!


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