A crust, few rocks and some grass!

Published September 28, 2013 by Virgo293

What began with the eve’s bite of the sinful fruit, progressed through a division of the ‘good’ and the ‘evil’, struggled between the varying ratios of both, might favor one finally. Will that battle be the last one?

What began with necessity, fortuned through invention, and improved with advancement, might take over all of us one day. Will the years passing by, stop the process of aging then?

What began with experience, enlightened through knowledge, and evolved as wisdom, might turn out to be another lie. Won’t the quest inspire a hunt anymore?

What began with the tough rocks on the Earth’s crust, rushed through moss, became grass and eventually turned into a tree, might fly away in ashes someday. Are those ashes an end?

The life that was instilled into me when I was born, will it end after I die? I don’t know.

Is death the final truth of my existence? May be.

But do I think so? No, I don’t.

Death to me is like a horizon. Something that we can chase, but never reach in our present ‘form’ of living. Something that in itself is an assumption. Whichever direction you choose to walk in, you head towards the horizon, and it seems like the ultimate destination. Some of us are conscious of it, others aren’t. Some love the path too much to even think about where it is heading, while others are constantly in sync with the sight.


Is the horizon, then, the destination?

Or is it the so called ‘new beginning’?

Or may be, it is just a transition.

The way you look at the end affects just how you feel through the journey. Nothing more, nothing less. I confess to being afraid of an end. But as I ran through this amazing discovery today, I realized every end, is the end only of an experience. And one experience ends, it is only a transition to another one. When you purely start enjoying this experience, you will not have the time to bother about its going away. In fact, when you start looking at this bigger picture, you might begin to make your small contribution much more significant to the whole.

This works well enough for me to draw an inspiration. What about you?


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