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A crust, few rocks and some grass!

Published September 28, 2013 by Virgo293

What began with the eve’s bite of the sinful fruit, progressed through a division of the ‘good’ and the ‘evil’, struggled between the varying ratios of both, might favor one finally. Will that battle be the last one?

What began with necessity, fortuned through invention, and improved with advancement, might take over all of us one day. Will the years passing by, stop the process of aging then?

What began with experience, enlightened through knowledge, and evolved as wisdom, might turn out to be another lie. Won’t the quest inspire a hunt anymore?

What began with the tough rocks on the Earth’s crust, rushed through moss, became grass and eventually turned into a tree, might fly away in ashes someday. Are those ashes an end?

The life that was instilled into me when I was born, will it end after I die? I don’t know.

Is death the final truth of my existence? May be.

But do I think so? No, I don’t.

Death to me is like a horizon. Something that we can chase, but never reach in our present ‘form’ of living. Something that in itself is an assumption. Whichever direction you choose to walk in, you head towards the horizon, and it seems like the ultimate destination. Some of us are conscious of it, others aren’t. Some love the path too much to even think about where it is heading, while others are constantly in sync with the sight.


Is the horizon, then, the destination?

Or is it the so called ‘new beginning’?

Or may be, it is just a transition.

The way you look at the end affects just how you feel through the journey. Nothing more, nothing less. I confess to being afraid of an end. But as I ran through this amazing discovery today, I realized every end, is the end only of an experience. And one experience ends, it is only a transition to another one. When you purely start enjoying this experience, you will not have the time to bother about its going away. In fact, when you start looking at this bigger picture, you might begin to make your small contribution much more significant to the whole.

This works well enough for me to draw an inspiration. What about you?


A Square Deal

Published September 7, 2013 by Virgo293

I woke up this morning in a haze. With mere 20 minutes in my hand to reach a place 15 minutes away, you can imagine my situation. Not that this was new, but it shred its paranoia on me anyway.

In the next five minutes, I was below my building, desperately hunting for an auto-rickshaw and proving to be unlucky. Just then another girl of almost my age joined me in the search, looking as much in a hurry as me. A rickshaw halted in front of us, and I immediately got it, mumbling my destination and feeling a little guilty about my impoliteness. (I had no option, and before making opinions about me, read on)

She asked if she could join me since she had to go to the same place and I agreed. After a quiet ride, we got off as the rickshaw stopped and paid our share. I had two more minutes to reach where I had to and a wide road to cross. I cursed my luck as the signal turned green immediately. I had no time to waste, I just started walking.

As I reached the other end with my sub-conscious mind guiding me, I gave a sigh of relief. Regaining my consciousness, I realized that I was holding someone’s hand. I immediately let go of it and turned around to find the girl from the auto. I apologised profusely for the awkward gesture which even I couldn’t understand at that point. I started thinking of excuses, anticipating anger but she just smiled and said it was okay.

“I’m really really sorry. I guess I was too scared” I said. “It’s okay. I understand,” she said, smiling again. I did not have too much time so I just thanked her, heading towards where I had to, but her gracious smile remained with me all day long.

I still do not know what the bond, that we shared for those two minutes, was. I don’t know whether it was a bond of age, gender, those circumstances or the bond of just being human. I might never meet her again in my life and may not even recognize her after a few days. But the inexplicable emotion that the incident trigged is going to be bottled up safe in my mind forever.

The sentiment that brought in the joy of being in a world that is still rightfully mine. It brought in a security that I’ll be held. And this feeling infused into me a realization that we are all tied together in an uncanny, sometimes even weird way. The realization that we’re all held in this special bond that truly needs to be cherished.

And this is exactly what I am here for. To share with all you people out there, a relationship that influences you and me alike. To share a million dreams with a zillion wants. To share abundant energy with unlimited passion. To share lot of courage with a pinch of hope. And more than anything, to not just share but celebrate the sense of just being. To have with you a square deal.


(P.S. Do not try crossing the road when the signal is green, it’s really scaryJ)

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