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Published August 26, 2013 by Virgo293

It has been a while, Let it go.

It has been enough bothering for a trial, Let it go.

The smell of that new book is perhaps tired of seducing you,

Fulfilment’s around the corner, just awaiting a cue.

Pull up that gaze, there is much more to see,

It’s blissful and magical, that walk on the beach.

That woman on the street misses your smile,

Silence craves your heart’s company as you walk down that isle.

Lay down and look up, the stars have still preserved their shine,

Laugh at yourself, all mistakes aren’t crimes.

Entanglements need space to loosen up.

It’s best, sometimes, to leave it all to luck!

Follow the flow, Let it go.

You deserve much, much more… Let it go!


From a friend, to friendship!

Published August 4, 2013 by Virgo293

Dear Friendship,

Hi! I am a friend. A million others like me, in different forms and personas, exist because of you. I mistook a couple of them to be you, and later I thought they were just your facets, but I realized how wrong I was. They are defined by you, you connect me to them, but that connection doesn’t define you.

I understand now that you are the bond we share. But you are much beyond the confines of that bond. Your identity is revealed to us with respect to our capabilities of seeing. If our vision is flawed, you can’t be blamed. And the funny thing is that, when I realize the limitations of my vision, I realize you were invisible since the beginning, and intangible.

Your purity is something I have believed in all my life. This purity is independent of me and others like me, is something I just realized. This realization, defines you for me. And words are too less for me to redefine this discovery. I am sorry about the mistaken image I had of you, and thankful that this realization came.friend-1

On this day, that the world celebrates you, I hope many others are gifted with this comprehension. Perhaps then, this faith, and you, will continue to be celebrated with all our hearts in the years to come.

Happy Friendship Day.


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