Fairy Tales

Published June 25, 2013 by Virgo293

I haven’t seen life too much. I have barely lived it through movies or books. I indulge in very few sports or activities to understand the fundas of winning or losing. I hardly do anything beyond the daily chores of my curriculum and household and a few occasional practices of writing as my hobby.

For me, different philosophies of living life, have so far been more of an interest than the tool of living life. I think I hardly know anything to choose and ‘practice’ life from. So the way I deal with things, people and situations is largely dependent on where I come from. My so-called world-view is inspired, more or less, by the milieu I have grown up in.

I believe this is so for most people around. Completely so if you are in your teens or twenties and almost so if you are in an age group above. As experiences add themselves to your live, your views and beliefs might change.  Your uncontrollable ‘reactions’ turn into processed ‘responses.’ You think more, learn more and eventually evolve as a human being. But you still can’t shed what your family, or the unfortunate lack of it, instilled into you.

The genes and hormones along with the cells in your body, make up your physical structure. These quite decide the major preferences you have in life, ranging from your sexual orientation or your love for a sweet dish. These are obviously not in our control.

Over biological preferences, come your psychological choices. These choices determine the life that you live. You might love chocolate, but might choose not to eat it for the fear of gaining weight. Or you might choose to eat it as per your wishes, without bothering about anything. Or you might choose a midway. These choices depend on you, and your influences.

My core self comprises of my genetic makeup and a fragment of the world I come from. I may grow  and evolve into different aspects of this same self as I now make choices and take decisions for myself. But I wonder how much will vary. I wonder to what extent will my choices be governed by anything except the beliefs I have been bought up with. And I wonder how different will my life then be.

I wonder and realize I don’t know. More importantly, I realize how this life is a big puzzle directed to make me the person I am. They say life is a product of our choices. I believe our choices are a by product of our lives.

I am not saying one is not responsible for anything in my life. I am just saying, life, at a large scale, determines who and what you are going to be.

You can label this power of life as ‘God’, ‘Destiny’, ‘Science’ or ‘Magic’ according to how life has designed your view or how you choose to look at it.cinderella_thumb

When I realize this power of life, and realize how blessed I truly am, I believe everything that has happened in my life so beautifully so far is directing me towards a happy ending. I believe in fairy tales.

P.S. My world has made me the optimist that I am, and I made a choice in my life to be a science student. So please forgive the scientific connotation with which I have defined my belief in the concept of fairy tales.

P.P.S Celebrating this belief, and the first anniversary of my blog, I’m posting the link to the first episode of  my favorite fairy tale. Hope you enjoy it and share with me the immense love I have for fairy tales.


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