Published May 16, 2013 by Virgo293

What is it? A feeling? An emotion? A conscious decision? Something you need or something you desire? It is necessary to live or too idealistic to achieve? Does it come from me or somewhere out of the blue? And most important of all, does it matter?

I can’t answer any of these questions. Most because I’m not learned enough, others because the answer is different for each one of us.

There are few things in life you can’t survive without – air, water, sunlight and so on. Then there are others which make life worth living – people, art, writing, and more. There are some others that create the illusion of life – money, power, possession etc.

Amongst all these huge mentions, some little terms seem to lose their way. Love, faith and hope. The little threads that weave life into our beings. The only few choices that we have to ourselves. Our talents, our brains and at times even are capabilities are pre-decided by nature. Even our milieu is.

What we can decide for ourselves is, what to do with what we have. We choose what to trust, and what to let go. We choose the energy and time that we give in and hence receive the outcomes that we do. We choose our investments, hence beImagear our returns. Our beliefs are what make us.

Love determines the extent of our faith. Hope lights the candle bearing that faith. But it is faith, and faith that alone gets you there. Be it a fringe of your imagination, or the fragment or your dreams, each of them is waiting for you have faith in yourself. Faith that will weave bliss into your life…

I remember what someone told me a few months ago, something I hold close to myself –

‘The magic might fade away, the trust should remain, forever!’

Does faith matter? Decide for yourself.


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